Why is it good to be part of Brightmoor?

Community Resources

Block Club Assistance and Development:  Do you want to get active in your area but don’t know how?  Work with the Brightmoor Alliance’s Community Outreach Director to help get more involved!  Contact Joe Rashid at jrashid@brightmooralliance.org or 313-575-7014

Property Ownership Help:  Trying to find out who owns a particular property?  Contact Joe Rashid at jrashid@brightmooralliance.org or 313-575-7014

Brightmoor Pastors Alliance:  Brightmoor’s Faith Leaders come together to work on community issues.  For more information contact Pastor Larry Simmons at pastor@baberame.org.

Early Childhood Development:  The Brightmoor Alliance collaborates with multiple neighborhood partners to ensure Brightmoor’s youngest residents have the resources they need.  Contact Joe Rashid at jrashid@brightmooralliance.org or 313-575-7014

Fiduciary Role:  The Alliance frequently serves in a fiduciary role for organizations and programs within the neighborhood.  Contact the Alliance office at 313-766-6041 for more information. 

Business Development:  The Brightmoor Alliance has partnered with TechTown Detroit to assist with economic development in the neighborhood.  Have a Brightmoor-based business that would like to connect to resources? Contact Katie Guitar at katie@techtowndetroit.org.

Food Assistance:  For a full list of food assistance please visit: www.brightmooralliance.org/resources/food-pantry-assistance/  

Blight Issues: If you have any blight-related issues, please relay them to the District 1 Department of Neighborhood’s contacts: Stephanie Young at youngst@detroitmi.gov or 313-236-3473; Reggie Davis at Davisr@detroitmi.gov or 313-236-3484.

Community Connections Grant Program: Get up to 5k in grants for children-centered initiatives in the neighborhood.  Contact Lisa Leverette at lisa@preventionnetwork.org or 313-782-4042.                                                


Education Resources

Present! in Brightmoor:  This school attendance initiative aims to have 100% of Brightmoor Students in school 97% of the time.  Contact Joe Rashid jrashid@brightmooralliance.org or 313-575-7014.

Brightmoor Career and College Access Network:  In conjunction with Present! In Brightmoor, the Alliance wants to ensure that all students know about potential financial aid, grants and scholarship opportunities that are available.  Please contact Mail@brightmooralliance.org or 313-766-6041.

Employment Assistance

Brightmoor Works:  Brightmoor’s Job Connection postings, for more info visit: www.brightmooralliance.org/work

Summer Youth Employment:  Brightmoor Alliance partners with Mt. Vernon Trinity Church, Detroit Community School, Neighbors Building Brightmoor, Brightmoor Community Center to help provide jobs for youth in Brightmoor.  Contact the Brightmoor Alliance office for more information 313-766-6041 or Mail@brightmooralliance.org.

Community Events:

Brightmoor Alliance Community Meeting:  Every 3rd Thursday at the Brightmoor Community Center  Contact Joe Rashid at jrashid@brightmooralliance.org or 313-575-7014 for more information.

Brightmoor SOUP:  Meets quarterly at St. Christine’s Soup Kitchen. For more information, please contact Ora Williams at ora.w@sbcglobal.net or 313-531-2025 or visit http://detroitsoup.com/brightmoor/

Neighbors Building Brightmoor:  Meets Monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month at St. Christine’s Soup Kitchen, for more information please email neighborsbuildingbrightmoor@gmail.com

District 1 Meeting:  Meets monthly on the 4th Saturday of the month.  Councilman Tate hosts this monthly community meeting with residents from District 1 to discuss and tackle systemic issues. For more information, contact Reginald Alexander at alexanderr@detroitmi.gov or 313-224-1786.

Councilman Tate’s Office Hours:  Councilman Tate meets with the community every 1st and 3rd Wednesday 11am to 1pm at Motor City Java House. Inquires can be directed to Reginald Alexander at alexanderr@detroitmi.gov or 313-224-1786.

Other Resources:  For the most up to date information on resources please visit www.brightmooralliance.org

Are we missing valuable information that other community members should be aware of? Let us know!   Contact mail@brightmooralliance.org or our office at 313-766-6041.