Restore the ‘Moor is Brightmoor’s land use and quality of life planning process.  Utilizing CDAD’s Strategic Framework and support staff Brightmoor Alliance was able to work with the community to create a land use and quality of life plan for Brightmoor.  We see this as a living framework that will adapt as the neighborhood changes.

Through this process hundreds of residents were engaged and participated, giving countless feedback.  To download the full report please click here.  The highlights are below.

 Current conditions and create engagement zones.  221685_510198902371648_351259234_n

The current conditions map shows neighborhood density, the dark brown is where the highest traditional residential is and yellow and dark green are the most spacious areas where there is not much current density.  We then looked at what existing organizations we had that could do outreach to the community and broke the neighborhood down into 12 engagement zones.

Understanding Vacancy

Brightmoor Vacancy


Motor City Mapping Shows that almost half of the neighborhood over 600 acres is currently vacant.  So the future directions map is our answer as to what to do with all of the vacant land in Brightmoor.

Detroit Future City

Detroit Future City Brightmoor

We also took in to account what Detroit Future City said about the future of Brightmoor with the majority labeled innovative productive.

Future Directions Map

Future directions

The future directions map took in where the traditional residential housing stock is in brown, spacious residential is in yellow.  From there the community looked at what types of activities were happening throughout the neighborhood from urban homestead to green venture to figure out what do we do with over 600 acres of vacant land.  This is a living document and as initiatives evolve in the neighborhood so to shall this map.

Other important outcomes of Restore the ‘Moor

Highlights of Resident Action Plan


To download the full report click here!