Community Connections Grant Program– The Brightmoor Alliance works closely with the Prevention Network  to assist residents to get up to 5k for children centered initiatives!  For an application please click here


Brightmoor Soup– Brightmoor has partnered with Detroit Soup  to bring person to project funding to Brightmoor!  Do you have a project that benefits the community that you want funding for?  To apply click here.

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Benevolent  Are you in need of assistance?  the Brightmoor Alliance and Benevolent will help you raise the funds you need to get on your feet!  Find out how here.


Patronicity– Patronicity works closely with the Alliance to help get projects funded locally!  Whether your a business or individual in need check out amazing projects and submit your own!  To find out more here.


SWOT City–  Techtown Detroit is working with businesses around Brightmoor to help identify strengths, weaknesses, opporunities, and threats.  Find out more about how it works here.