Brightmoor Alliance is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide for community-based sharing and collaborations while supporting neighborhood specific programming, dialog and engagement to the benefit of all Brightmoor residents, especially our youth. We are seeking a motivated community-committed director to manage our operations, staff and volunteers.
General Statement of Responsibility
The director is responsible to the Board of Directors. This position oversees planning, grants, development, and the implementation of all activities and programs including the Strategic Plan, meeting the changing needs and demands of our neighborhood and requires extraordinary people skills. This position will include attending meetings with alliance partners and funding partners as well as hosting neighborhood engagement activities.
Essential Functions
1) Motivate the Board, staff, volunteers and community supporters to create an expanded awareness in the Brightmoor community and educate the community about the mission of Brightmoor Alliance.
2) Establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with all sectors of the community so as to create the most favorable environment in which to achieve the Alliance’s objectives.
3) Develop and implement an annual revenue plan.
4) Supervise and evaluate staff and oversee implementation of all programs.
5) Oversee the implementation and maintenance of a Strategic Plan.
6) Prepare and present the annual budget and make periodic financial reports to the Board with the Board Treasurer.
7) Oversee the Alliance’s financial systems and perhaps provide fiduciary support to other neighborhood agencies. Ensure the filing of all federal/state/local tax returns.
Experience and Characteristics Desired
1) Belief in the effectiveness of community-based operations and the potential for everyone, no matter how severe their life situation, to make progress.
2) Demonstrated expertise in governmental relations, foundation relations, program development, program administration, Finance, and governance.
3) Have experience with grant writing, development and management and fundraising activities.
4) Ability to develop collaborative relationships with the community including agencies, government entities, businesses, employers, organizations and the citizens of greater Brightmoor.
5) Ability to develop effective relationships with the Board of Directors.
6) Three or more years of senior leadership and management experience, including supervising staff, in a complex multi-service organization, including change management and innovation, strategic planning, financial management, organizational growth and expansion.
7) Have a working knowledge of human resource management and policy.
8) Willing to relocate to, or near, Brightmoor within 6 months of hire.
Undergraduate and/or advanced degree in social sciences, public administration, nonprofit management, community activism, business or a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience. We are seeking an individual with knowledge of the challenges of Brightmoor and is willing to support strong outcomes.
Process Please submit your resume and at least three references to Brightmoor Alliance ( ) by February 28, 2015.